Using Excel or Word for management tasks or data organisation?

Are you and your staff doing things repetitively, week after week - payroll, timesheets or data processing?

If your answer to these questions is Yes - we can help you.

We analyse the way you work, observe how information flows, how you communicate and suggest improvements, and build tools which could

Automated solutions allow staff to perform more valuable tasks and reduces time taken and errors. Connections between software and departments can improve communication and help save further revenue or reveal new opportunities.

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About Desk-o-mat

An experienced start-up great at spotting opportunities for our customers. More than 20 years experience writing software. Working in industry for more than 10 years in administration, project management, engineering and business process improvement roles we know our customer's issues and more importantly: how to quickly deal with them.

Based in Stroud, Gloucestershire we can travel to you for a consultation or just to meet up.

Office applications are great for trying out new processes and ideas but they can be a big waste of time, without anyone realising. Businesses should continously improve.

We offer Excel and other Office application training maximising your investment in this valuable business tool. We know it is so much more than a spreadsheet. Its your data, its your business.

We generate custom templates for Excel and other Microsoft Office applications to boost your productivity.

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